5 Reasons Why Self-Motivation Can Prove to Be Your Strongest Armor to Stress

Stress is a harmful force that affects our health at all levels. It exposes us to physical anguish, emotional troubles and mental chaos. All these effects of stress eat away the excitement of living our lives. We feel that all our energy is gone, we are not willing to do anything in life and everything seems meaningless. This vicious cycle of stress continues. Finding a way out of it seems almost impossible. But this is not impossible in reality. There is an infinite source of power within all of us, using which we can end this vicious cycle. But, instead of accessing that power from inside, we keep looking for it from outside sources.

The power we are talking about is about inspiration ‘. The inspiration we get from external sources is ephemeral and ephemeral. Whereas, inspiration derived from internal sources is eternal and everlasting. It is much more powerful than the type of inspiration derived from external sources. This powerful inspiration is known as ‘self-motivation’.

Below are 5 reasons why self-motivation can prove to be the strongest shield of your stress:

1. You can access it anywhere and at any time

Stress is not limited to a particular location. This can happen anywhere and anytime. It can secretly come like clouds, blocking the sunshine of optimism and wrapping you in a haze of negativity. Therefore, for this you have to have a nectar, which we can see all the time and as self-motivation. This is because self-motivation is ever present within you.

Whenever you are surrounded by stress, you have to use your inner armor to prevent us from falling short. However, you can also carry multiple external sources of inspiration in your smartphone at all times, such as motivational videos and podcasts. It is not possible to access them all the time.

For example, if you are in the middle of a conversation with someone and it becomes stressful, you cannot just stop and start looking for a motivational video. You have to hold yourself in the middle of the conversation against stress and all its physical and emotional symptoms. It is only with the armor of ‘self-motivation’ that you can do this. You can use this to remind yourself that you have faced stressful situations and they have never been able to destroy you. In this way, you can use self-motivation to protect yourself from the physical, emotional, and mental attacks of stress, which together try to degrade you.

“Nothing can stop a person from achieving his goal with the right mental attitude; Nothing on earth can help a person with the wrong mental attitude. “- Thomas Jefferson

2. Self-motivation is impermeable

External sources of motivation may temporarily stop being for you, but self-motivation will never happen. For example, you are so stressed about your performance in an important presentation that you give up in advance. To counter your feelings, you choose to watch a motivational video on your smartphone. but alas! You remove your mobile phone from the battery. In such situations, when you do not have access to external sources of motivation, self-motivation will still be there for you. It never runs with battery. Thus, self-motivation is impermeable and you can reach its power forever.

3. You can hit the hammer of self-motivation right where you need it

There can be many reasons for stress ranging from personal to professional. This implies that there is not always the same type of stress that you experience. Therefore, motivational videos of the same kind cannot always help you cope with your outrageous stressful spread. Also, external sources of motivation cannot identify and work on your stresses. As a result, they may not offer the desired support to understand stressful moments. Whereas, self-motivation can give you a hammer of support, where necessary. This is because most of the time you are aware of the exact causes of your stress. It is in this light of awareness that you can direct self-motivation in the right direction and protect yourself from the harmful effects of stress.

4. It empowers your flexibility against stress

Self-motivation is an inner power. As you learn to use it to relieve stress and its effects, you become empowered inside. This creates overtime, your strong resilience against stress. As a result, you become iconic in the art of understanding the greatest moments of stress without decreasing. You can no longer experience those stress induced pains such as chest pain, headaches and muscle aches. Rather, you stand strong amidst waves of tension. So, we can say that self-motivation builds your defense mechanism against the deteriorating effects of stress. Also, no external source of motivation can do this for you. This is because external motivation mostly works at the surface level. It does not reach to strengthen your inner core.

“Life is not easy for any of us. But what about that? We must be firm and confident in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that thing must be received. “- Marie Curie

5. Self-motivation keeps you from breaking up in times of disaster

Difficult situations in life are always stressful. They may be related to your personal or professional life, but they expose you to break the amount of stress. In such circumstances, the inspiration derived from external sources does not work well to protect you from stress. This is because it only works on a superficial level. Whereas to stand strong in adversity, you need inner strength, which you can only achieve with self-motivation.

Self-motivation works from your core and works to strengthen you from inside to outside. Thus, self-motivation in adverse situations prevents you from breaking up. To conclude, the 5 reasons above prove that self-motivation is your strongest armor for stress.