3 Powerful Business Growth Strategies That Help Leaders Rise Above Mediocrity

Statistics show that about five billion people use the Internet every day. There are millions of users of social media, and the use of mobile phones is increasing rapidly. Access to the Internet has created an opportunity for business leaders to reach their ideal consumers more easily. You can use several organic strategies to reach new customers and add value to the market base.

It has created tremendous opportunities but equally noisy. It’s not unusual to be flooded with ads and sale offers as you scroll through social media. If you’ve just checked your inbox, there may have been a sales attempt on behalf of an entrepreneur or business.

To build a business that generates steadily increasing revenue, financial security and that allows you to live a life of independence, you will need to stand above mediocrity. You will need to stand above the noise and show consumers why you are a leader in doing business.

Here are three powerful business development strategies to help you show up authentically and engage consumers. Here’s to increasing revenue and a business that creates freedom and success in your life.

1. Impress consumers by focusing on content rather than flashy images of success.

In the age of social media, it is not uncommon to see revenue screenshots and clearly delineated images of success. You see trips, cars and maybe even bigger houses. Those images are a marketing attempt to sell you on lifestyle to buy whatever is being sold.

While some consumers fall prey to this type of marketing, they eventually realize that there isn’t much behind Flash. Many of the items offered are a version of ‘I make my money to teach you how to make money’. There are ways to teach businesses how to get more customers and increase revenue; There must be practical substance behind what is offered.

Rise above the noise and impress consumers with a value-first approach. One of the best ways to add value is with solid information-focused content that addresses pain points and teaches practical ideas.

Digital communication channels provide business leaders with opportunities to continuously contribute value. Your goal should be to use these digital channels to help your consumer lives and showcase your expertise. It’s hard not to stand above the noise when your focus is on value-based content.

In a world filled with flashy images of success, when it’s clear to the consumer that your goal is to educate and add value to their lives, you stand out. Consumers know the real thing when they see it, and they appreciate authenticity. They tell others when they’re getting value-based content, and that builds a strong brand.

“No one rises above mediocrity unless they use other people’s minds.” – Napoleon Hill

2. Use lifestyle marketing strategically and with a clear objective.

Your consumers love it when they can see behind the scenes. Lifestyle marketing is effective because people are visual. When they can visually see how you are building a business and living what you teach, it draws them to your brand. However, this has to be done strategically.

If you implement lifestyle marketing to the fullest, you run the risk of giving people too much access to your life. There’s danger in building a brand that relies heavily on marketing your lifestyle. You don’t always want to be current, and in lifestyle marketing, you have to.

Lifestyle marketing focuses more on building the individual versus the entity. It’s going to be hard to build a business that you can sell someday if the brand is heavily tied to you. The ultimate goal is freedom, and you may not want to do it for the rest of your life. Why not build a property you can sell someday?

It’s essential to show your audience authentically what it takes to do what you teach. But, when using lifestyle marketing, make sure you are strategic about what you share and what you don’t. Focus on the subjects and the pain points rather than trying to paint a picture of an engaging lifestyle. Use this tactic to isolate yourself from everyone else.

3. Leverage Growth Marketing but be better at fulfillment.

Consumers are frustrated because there is a wave of entrepreneurs who are better at selling than getting the job done. Attractive copy closes deals, but then the consumer lacks the customer experience.

As a business leader, your primary goal should be to deliver on the promises you make to your customers. You must have systems and structures in place to ensure that the customer experience is stellar. Your goal is to make fulfillment much better than marketing. This is how you create word-of-mouth marketing and retain lifelong customers.

It is wise to leverage all digital platforms to further expand your reach and market to consumers. This is a great strategy to leverage growth marketing strategy and mediums to increase sales. Once that’s done, create a customer experience that creates a word-of-mouth funnel for your business.

The key to growing a business is good marketing along with better customer service systems that allow you to continually scale up the process.

There is no stopping you from building an amazing business that creates financial security and freedom in your life for years to come. While lucrative revenue screenshots and built-in lifestyles may sound appealing on social media, don’t fall for the hype.

There is a better way to build a business that allows you to stay authentic about who you are and what you believe in. Be the entrepreneur who makes the difference. Use these business development strategies and take advantage of them to increase your impact and income.