24 Wise Carl Jung Quotes To Transform Your Life

He is the most amazing writer I have ever read, and the depth of his intellect never ceases to amaze me. A renowned Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung Established the discipline of analytical psychology. His education was truly unique – biology, psychology, mythology, religion, literature, philosophy, anthropology and more. I have collected these intelligent and profound human Carl Jung said To give you a glimpse of his incredible insights on psychology and personality changes.

Initially, a brilliant student of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung In-depth study of the relationship between biology and psychology. Even though many thought he would continue to work on Freud’s psychoanalysis, the two had very different views. rust He had brilliant concepts of his own, which challenged his teacher on core subjects. Unexpectedly, various personalities and perspectives resulted in many arguments, ending a fruitful collaboration and a friendship.

The central idea of ​​analytical psychology is the individual’s quest for perfection, similar to the hero’s journey to mythology. Carl JungKey concepts include notation, symbol, attractor, individual unconscious, collective unconscious, shadow, anima and animus, and the self. His ideas and methods are highly creative, and he established the practice of making art as a central part of psychological development.

Carl Jung Extensively studied mythology and religions to establish a central pattern common to all humans. This inspired him to travel the world, living among indigenous tribes in Africa and America, and he immersed himself in those cultures. With all, rust He explored the unconscious using active imagination, a technique he developed. He published several rough editions about his work – which are incredibly difficult, but very rewarding to read, and a large amount of scientific paper.

His work has transformed the lives of countless people into more complete, confident and resilient individuals. Jungian psychology is the basis of an incredible amount of research and development, even though educational psychology is far from its ideas.

If you want to get into the world of analytical psychology, then the best place to start is Carl Jung ‘book Man and his icons. Alternatively, you can start with your student Erch Newman’s book Origin and history of consciousness. (Links below)

Finally, here are 24 Carl Jung said For deep appreciation of myself and others:

24 Wise Carl Jung Quotes to Change Your Life

  1. “Unless you conscious the unconscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it destiny.” – Carl Jung
  2. “I call intelligence the ability for guided thinking; The capacity for passive or indirect thinking is what I call intellectual intuition. “- Carl Jung
  3. “Everything that bothers us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung
  4. “You are what you do, not what you say you will do.” – Carl jung quotes
  5. “The meeting of two personalities is like the interaction of two chemical substances: if a reaction occurs, both are transformed.” – Carl Jung
  6. “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be.” – Carl Jung
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  7. “To ask the right questions is already half the solution to a problem.” – Carl Jung
  8. “It’s hard to think, that’s why most people judge.” – Carl Jung
  9. “A dream that is not understood is just an event; It becomes a living experience. “- Carl Jung
  10. “I have always been fascinated by the fact that there are a surprising number of individuals who never use their brains if they can avoid it, and an equal number who use their brains, but surprisingly Silly way. ” – Carl Jung
  11. “A special ability means heavy expenditure of energy in a particular direction, resulting in drainage from any other side of life. – Carl Jung
  12. We should not pretend to understand the world only by intelligence; We feel it only by feeling it. Therefore, the judgment of intelligence is, at best, only half of the truth, and if it should be honest, it also makes sense of inadequacy. “- Carl Jung
  13. “Things with one meaning have more value in the least life than the biggest things without it.” – Carl Jung
  14. “If a man knows more than others, he becomes lonely.” – Carl Jung
  15. “Nothing has a psychologically more profound impact on their environment and especially on their children than on the unlisted lives of parents.” – Carl Jung
  16. “I will not make fashionable foolishness about everything that I cannot deem fraud.” – Carl Jung
  17. “To me dreams are part of nature, which expresses something in the best way, not with the intention of cheating.” – Carl Jung
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  18. He said, ‘I regret many follicles that spread from my ill health; But without that attribute I could not reach my goal. “- Carl Jung
  19. “Where love is the norm, there is no desire for power, and where power prevails, there is a lack of love. There is a shadow of each other. “- Carl Jung
  20. “A dream that is not understood is just an event; It becomes a living experience. “- Carl Jung
  21. “The work of doing something new is not done by the intellect, but by inner instinct to act. The creative mind plays with the objects he loves. “- Carl Jung
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  22. “Even a happy life cannot occur without the measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ will lose its meaning if it is not balanced with sadness.” – Carl Jung
  23. “If a man knows more than others, he becomes lonely.” – Carl Jung
  24. “As any change must start from somewhere, it is the single person who will experience it and accomplish it. Change must really begin with a person; It can be any of us. No one can afford to look round and wait for someone else who is disgusted to do it himself. ” – Carl Jung Quotes


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