12 Amazing Facts to Learn About Money Plants

According to popular belief, the money plant is a money making machine! By setting up a money plant at home, a person can achieve economic prosperity. But some cults also say that this plant has to be looted from someone’s place to bring that great financial fortune to themselves. Another name for this plant is Devils Ivy. This plant is found in many homes – some keep it for that “good luck” factor, while some simply want a low-maintenance home plant that will keep the air clean and some others use it to enhance the great look of the home Let’s do it. In all ways, this plant is much loved and admired. But apart from these facts, there are dozens of interesting facts to know about this plant. So, read these interesting and surprising facts about Money Plant and enjoy its company at your place!

Water the new money plant

The money plant demands a sufficient amount of water in its early days. So, when you have got a brand new money plant – don’t forget to water it well, but again it should not be soaked completely in water.

Easily soli and grows in water

You have to decide where you want this plant to grow, ie in soil or in water. It is not a problem to retain both soil or water, but do not mistake it by replacing the soil with water and vice versa. Money plants growing in water have softer leaves than leaves growing in soil.

Anything and everything survives

Compared to other domestic or indoor plants, money plants have higher longevity or survival rates. Another fun fact about this plant is that it cleanses the home environment by removing toxins but sometimes behaving like weeds!

As if it’s not a sap

Remember that the juice of this plant is very poisonous when accidentally consumed!

Perfect plant for an aquarium

As stated earlier, this plant can sustain well in water and thus you can use this plant to decorate your aquarium. The roots grow to the bottom and it floats partially in your aquarium which will make your fish house look really beautiful. Additionally, it will also purify the air and water and provide some essential nutrients to the fish.

Direct sun rays are not required

This plant does not require direct sun rays and thus shady areas can also be lit by the presence of money plants.

Grows well

Wild money plants typically grow to 50–60 feet – thus they can be called Monet trees. But when you grow it in your house in a pot, it only reaches 10-15 feet. So, the environment makes all the difference!

All about leaves

Each branch of the money plant has 5 leaves that grow up to 12 inches long. These leaves are green and shiny in appearance. The 5 leaves of the money plant in each branch represent the five elements of nature. They are – fire, air, water, metal and wood. These five elements together attract a lot of positive energies to the owner. This is why it enhances good luck and prosperity.

flowering plant

If you think this plant is about green and shiny leaves, which signifies financial fortune, then you should know that this plant also has flowers. White and creamy flowers have a strong scent that attracts bats, bees and butterflies.

Hidden seeds

Do you know that money plant contains hidden seeds. The pods are the places where they are hidden. These pods eventually grow and burst and then fall to the ground. These seeds are sometimes brewed and used in a baking dish. In some cultures, money plant seeds are also eaten as a roast and snack!

Hope you enjoyed reading these interesting, unknown and surprising facts about Money Plant. If you know some other unknown facts about this plant, feel free to write to us!

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