11 Best Driving Experiences and Track Days in the UK

With a slow year behind us, it is time for 2021 to shift into sixth gear.

Here, we’ve curated our winning list of the top 11 best driving experiences and track days in the UK that will put you in pole position as the gift-buyer of the century!

Why Gift a Driving Experience?

When it comes to buying a unique gift, giving someone a chance to live like Lewis Hamilton for a day is definitely top-notch. Perfect as an adrenaline junkie or a Father’s Day treat, we’ve put together some of the best driving experiences the UK has to offer. From luxury cars to tanks, from F1 tracks to go-kart circuits, say goodbye to bland birthday trinkets and hello to the thrill ride of a lifetime.

Best Supercar Driving Experience

black ford mustang

Double Supercar Driving Blast

Available in over 60 locations across the UK, this experience is the ideal opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of the most sought-after supercars. With Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins, you’ll have to narrow your choices down to your two best rides or die before you hit the road for three exhilarating miles in each car. Strap in and get ready to go full force with this ultimate supercar driving blast for one.

Triple Supercar Driving Blast With High Speed ​​Passenger Ride

If you’re struggling to narrow down your choice of supercars to just two, try this feel for size. Enjoy three miles in each of your chosen three supercars, be it an Audi R8, Porsche 911 or the mighty Ferrari, before topping off an unforgettable day with a high-speed passenger ride with a professional driver.

Four Supercar Driving Blast With High Speed ​​Passenger Ride

Go even further with this driving experience with a choice of four (yes four!) supercars at your fingertips. Drive 12 unbeatable miles in your chosen supercar, with three thrilling miles in each, before a qualified instructor tests your heart rate in a high-speed passenger ride to remember your experience.

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Best Track Days in the UK

Selection of supercars parked on the racing track

Ferrari Experience at Silverstone

Where better to test your driving skills than in the home of British Motor Racing? After an instructor-driven demo lap, get behind the iconic Ferrari F430 and channel your inner Niki Lauda as you race a total of 15 miles around Silverstone, with two lots of four laps (to catch you The brakes in between will need your breath!) With the ability to go from 0 to 100 mph in less than nine seconds, the mighty Ferrari F430 will definitely satisfy your need for speed and make this driving experience a memory book. Will make one for

Triple Supercar Blast at Brands Hatch

Ferrari California, Porsche 911, Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo are just some of the impressive supercars that you will be able to choose from in this driving experience. Once you’ve settled on your top three supercars, you’ll be in the driving seat as you zoom into each car for three miles around the famous Brands Hatch Track in Kent. Perfect if you need an outlet for your internal motorhead!

The Aston Martin Experience at Silverstone

If you fancy yourself a James Bond, then this experience is the one for you. You’ll get up close and personal along the famous Silverstone track during professionally driven laps, before you get the keys to the iconic Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Then in two sets of four laps, you’ll have 15 unforgettable miles to test your driving skills in this 4.7 liter, 420 bhp beauty from British Engineering. Did someone say license to thrill?

The F4 Single Seater Driving Experience In The Brand Hatch For One

Nothing screams adrenaline fueled and exhilarating like the driving experience at Brands Hatch. The first up in the high-performing and sophisticated BMW M4 is 15 thrilling minutes. Then you will be amazed to see the amazing engineering of the F4 single seater as you enjoy its immense power and seamless gear changes for another incredible 15-minute drive. Once you’ve proven your abilities behind the wheel, it’s time to strap on the BMW M4 for a high-speed passenger ride that’s sure to get your heart pumping!

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weird driving experience

Army tank passing through tall grass

Tank, Army Truck & Fire Engine Driving

It’s not every day that you get to drive a tank, is it? Or army truck? or fire brigade? Now what about running all three in one day? That’s exactly what this unique driving experience in Oxfordshire is based on.

Feel the power of either a 1960’s FV432 or a 1980’s CVRT Spartan tank before taking command of a DAF military truck and start the day with a spin in the Dennis RS V8 fire engine. Perfect for those looking for something more off the beaten track, this driving experience is sure to be unforgettable.

two . Indoor Karting Race for 50-Lap

It’s time to let your competitive side run free in this indoor go-karting experience for two. Don all the racing gear and buckle up for lap 50 of a specially designed circuit that will be bound to make your heart race. The rules are simple – the drivers for the first 50 wins and the three best times will receive a trophy as they take their places on the podium. On your marks, get set, go!

Triple Mustang Blast Driving Experience

Get behind the wheel of the iconic Mustang in this blazing driving experience. From making famous and cameo appearances in movies in the Fast and Furious franchise and James Bond’s Goldfinger, the Mustang is bound to make you feel like a movie star! Choose between the 1965 GT350 Mustang race car, the Shelby Mustang GT500 ‘Eleanor’, the ‘Speed’ Mustang and the Roush Mustang GT V8 and enjoy an unforgettable three-mile ride in each of your chosen beasts!

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